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I have a serious passion for fibre... I love it all! The soft feel, the various differing qualities in each different fibre type... straight, curly, thick, thin, long , short. The most amazing quality is what you can make from it! Everyday I'm fascinated by how you can make felt and yarn from such a fluffy, fly away and seemingly delicate material. I also love texture and fibre gives me the opportunity to create a huge variety of different surfaces, add my passion for natural dyeing from the great outdoors and you can also add endless colour possibilities! and life is complete!

I love all fibre related crafts - spinning, felting, knitting, crochet and weaving and experiment with them all! I love to process my own wool sourced from local farms here in the Devon countryside... washing, scouring, dyeing and carding... my business is literally from sheep to shop.

My main business Natart Made This makes hand crafted newborn photography props, felted and knitted blankets, bonnets, headbands and much more. The initial process to make these lovely items is to dye top, roving and curly locks and also spin yarn; the essential supplies for spinners, felters, knitters and weavers. I thought to myself "these are beautiful items on their own" I could sell these before I turn them into other creations... So Woolly Whizz was born! Enjoy!

Nat x

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Woolly Whizz is part of Natart Made This

Woolly Whizz is part of

Natart Made This