Ewe Made This

Learn how to make your own DIY Props every month

‘Ewe’ could be making props like this… choose from many variations to make them unique to your own style and colour schemes.

What is Ewe Made This?

It’s like having a huge prop stash in your pocket… 

All you need is a few materials like fabric and yarn, a hot glue gun, scissors and tons of enthusiasm to get started!


  • 24 hour access to tutorials and inspiration on your phone, tablet or computer
  • A new project every month to make yourself a brand new prop with suggestions for variations so you can create unique props in your style every time
  • Optional kit delivered to your door once a month or a detailed list of easy to source materials needed for the project
  • Tutorials and mini-master classes, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced craft maker
  • Lots of techniques requiring no tools at all progressing to simple skills with basic tools
  • On-tap support from your fellow BBA members around the world. You will always have someone to ask and you will never feel alone.
  • Everything you need to grow your gorgeous newborn photography business, by having amazing beautiful props, without breaking the bank!

Why sign up now?

Although “Ewe Made This” is only in the planning and creating process I want your input! I’d like to know how many are interested in this. If you like the sound of this idea then help me shape it, You will get sneak peaks, be asked your opinions! Be notified as soon as I know a launch date. Be one of the few beta testers for free and grab the introductory offer when it’s released!

Sign up now so you don’t miss out!

What do you get?

Bite-sized tutorials...

…through videos, slideshows and photos

Member-Only Facebook Group
Lots of inspirational examples...

…using a stand in baby to show you how your handmade props can be used in your sessions


…on specific techniques

Weekly ‘What’s New’ Emails
Dip in and Out
Learn new skills

…including finger and arm knitting, finger crochet, sewing

Monthly Project Kit

A kit of materials will be shipped directly to your door every month so you can easily create a range of different props each month and learn new skills. Follow the tutorials in the portal and be inspired by the many ways to tailor each project to make them uniquely yours and fit in with your photographic style.

Who is it for?

Any newborn and child photographer who loves adding to their growing prop stash and would love to have new props to try out for each session you shoot. You want to create original imagery and be inventive through each session but all done on a budget.
As a photographer with a few materials, tools and a big vision will be able to plan new exciting setups by inventing your own unique set of props which match your colour and theme.

Here’s what you can access as soon as you join…

Monthly Tutorials

At the start of each month you get a new project. All past projects stay in the portal to access at anytime, so when you first join you will find lots of exciting ideas to try!

Materials Kit delivered

Directly to your door every month so you can complete a project without wasting time having to source a range of materials and end up buying way more than you need!

Mini Technique masterclasses

Every month I run at least one mini-masterclass on a specific technique or skill that can be used across many projects or select one to further develop a project to be uniquely yours!

Group inspiration and brainstorms

Inside the Facebook group we’ll take a prop project and anyone in the group who has experience or ideas will pitch in and share their best tips. This turns into a great inspirational resource, full of little nuggets of wisdom.


I’ve invested in subtitles for my mini-masterclasses and courses. Not only do they ensure my teaching is accessible to the hard of hearing, they are also really useful if you want to sneak-watch with the sound off. More useful than you might think!


‘Ewe’ could be making props like this…


Hi There
I’m Nat Orchard

I’m living my dream in a small countryside village in Devon just minutes from the sea. Artist, photographer and handicrafter with a passion for wool and all things handmade. I love paddling in the sea, chocolate, countryside walks and working from home with my 3 kids playing around me. My mission? To inspire others to create amazing story telling images with natural organic props.

I want to introduce to you my passion for creative images through articles and resources and challenges but leave the baby posing up to you! Actually I want you to come on a journey with me… I love using natural materials, of course all the Woolly props I make but also any natural material you can find outdoors, flowers, twigs, leaves, feathers etc. In the coming months I’m going to be exploring all the ways these can be used in your images both in a live shoot and through post-processing. You will be learning with me as I explore my passion!

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